Alice and Georgia's Adventures In Toddlerhood

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Alice's La-La

This is Alice's La-La. The term la-la applies to all twirly dresses and nightgowns that Alice likes. Alice always wants to wear either her swimsuit or one of her favorite lalas but the most beloved LaLa of the moment is this pink nightgown. We have to bribe her with offers of treats and promises that she can put it back on after it's washed in order for us to be able to get it off her body. Today the La-La was dirty, so Alice wore her swimsuit.

In case you're wondering where the word 'La-La' came from, here's what we've come up with. Alice has two shows that she watches in the morning while she's trying to get into a good mood for the day. One is 'The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' and the other is 'The Little Einsteins'.
'The Little Einsteins' are four animated preschool children (with abnormally large heads) and one rocket. Each episode the children use their unique artistic gifts (one sings, one dances, one plays instruments and one conducts) to solve a proble. Every show also features a highlight from a famous piece of music. There is one tune that Alice really likes from 'The New World Symphony' by Antonin Dvorak and she used to sing 'la-la' to the tune of it every time she put on a dress that twirled really well. So, now, every dress that strikes her fancy is a 'la-la'.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tess likes mac-n-cheese

I made mac-n-cheese from scratch the other night. It was not popular with the family. It was, however, a hit with the dog. Good news, Tess, there's a whole other batch in the freezer!

Alice Loves School

Friday morning I went to get Alice and she kept trying to leave her room with her napmat. I told her that we would get the napmat later and she said,"No Momma school nap mat". So we brought the napmat downstairs. Then I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and a thought she said "hot dog"but I couldn't tell (and she's never said 'hot dog' before) so I told her to show me what she wanted. She went to the fridge, opened the door, pointed to the dairy/meat drawer and said "hot dog". So, Alice had a hot dog for breakfast. After she ate breakfast she came over and saw me making her lunch and said, "Momma, school snack". I told her it was her school snack and she said "yes". 'Yes' is Alice's standard answer for any question unless it's a definite 'no'. But, then I asked her what she was going to do at school today and she said,"moon bounce." After I picked my jaw up off the floor I said,"Are you going to do the moon bounce at school today" and she said,"Yes, Momma, moon bounce"and started jumping up and down.
Later that day Nick asked her if she learned any new words at school today and she said "impress". Next Friday maybe we'll teach her the meaning of 'irony'.