Alice and Georgia's Adventures In Toddlerhood

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memo and Papa's and Sea World

What more can you ask for?
We started the long weekend by driving up in the terrible weather to Memo and Papa's house. The forecast for the weekend was bleak but the weather really ended up cooperating in our favor and we had a great time. Saturday we drove up to a really great bbq place in the middle of nowhere to meet some friends we know from Hoboken but who now live in Austin. They have a little girl who's about a month older than Alice and they had a great time playing together.

After we left them we went to Memo and Papa's house and the girls (especially Alice) were so excited. In fact, she asked us to leave her with them and go home. Nick and I tried to go see a movie but it was sold out. So we did the only other thing you can do in San Marcos - the outlet malls.

Sunday morning we got up early in the morning and drove to Sea World. We saw Shamu and all the other whales; dolphins and high divers; sea lions that did great tricks and a walrus that was HUGE! The kids loved the shows but I think Alice's favorite part was playing the 'freeze' game with her buddies, Nate and Ava. They ran as fast as they could in front of us and when one of us said "freeze" they'd all stop and bend over. Needless to say everyone slept really well that night.

We spent all day Monday hanging out with Memo, Papa, Cousin Marin, and Aunt Amanda. It was a great trip. Now Alice keeps asking if we can go back to Memo and Papa's house.

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Wednesday was Nick's birthday so we spent a long morning in bed opening cards and presents and singing "Happy Birthday" to daddy. Then we met daddy at work and had a special lunch and topped it all off with a delicious chocolate mousse cake that evening. I think it was a good day for dad!

Friday, May 04, 2007


Baby #3!
We didn't find out the sex 'for sure' so we'll wait an announce that after the 20week ultrasound. So far everything looks good. Baby has fingers, toes, head, etc....
Alice and Georgie were there for the ultrasound and I think Alice realizes there's a baby in my stomach now. Last night she rubbed my belly and said to Nick,"mommy has a baby in there, dad," then she lifted her own shirt and said "Ali has a beebo on her tummy." (beebo is what our kids call their belly buttons - thanks Sandra Boynton).