Alice and Georgia's Adventures In Toddlerhood

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Alice!!!

Alice got dress-up clothes for her birthday. She actually found the clothes a few weeks ago in an upstairs closet and I told her she had to wait until her birthday to open them. So, the first thing she did this morning (after was sang happy birthday)....walked to the closet and said,"mommy, Ali want la-la's"

Shortly after this picture was taken Ali did a twirl and pushed over a shelving unit - knocking our brand new (and might I say very cool) lamp onto the floor - shattering it into several pieces.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Nate and Alice were playing with the curtains in the dining room and Gigi just went and plopped herself between the two of them.

The Backyardigans

Being almost 3 now, Alice's tastes have matured. She no longer cares for The Little Einsteins, but now prefers The Backyardigans. I don't blame her, the music is pretty catchy. In fact, I catch myself humming the tunes all the time. So, at 2:30pm everyday the t.v. comes on and Alice watches her show while mom makes dinner. Perhaps Alice will be one of the first on both sides of the family with a little rhythm.

Hat Day

The girls both decided they wanted to wear hats the other day. You'll notice Alice also wanted to wear her "Ariel La-La" all day. It was warm and we weren't going anywhere so, whatever...

While we were playing Alice discovered that the hot air from the dryer vents out of the side of the house so she had to see what happened when she put things underneath it. Anything that wasn't nailed down went under the jet of hot air, until she realized that only lightweight things would move. That might be her first lesson in physics. I wouldn't know, because I went to public high-school.

Georgie played the Hat Game for at least half an hour. She would say,"hat off" and remove the hat. Then she would run away, do a little circle, come back and say"mommy, hat on". As soon as I put it on her head, she'd rip it off again and the game would start all over. Fun, fun, fun.

Eating Pretzels While Daddy Works Hard