Alice and Georgia's Adventures In Toddlerhood

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Helen, meet your sisters....

Alice is very excited. In this picture she's showing us her hands, ready to take the baby.

She held her for at least a half hour and when we took the baby away she was not happy.

This is what Gigi did when she realized the baby was sleeping. She was also saying "shhhhh". She also wants to hold the baby all the time but doesn't quite get how to do it.

Looks sweet, doesn't she?

Welcome Helen Elizabeth!

Helen Elizabeth Pooley arrived October 25, 2007 at 12:26pm.
She weighs 6lbs 5.5ozs and is 19inches long.
We thought she had red hair right after birth but it's starting to look very blonde.

Moments after birth and a little stunned.

I was looking for the first pictures of the girls so you could see them side by side but I can't find them. Anyway - she looks just like Alice to me but with Georgie's chin.

Here she is again.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gigi's favorite new fall duds

She's trying to show you the kitty cat on her top.

The full ensemble. She peed in her pants about 5 minutes after this picture was taken and had to go without the kitty-cat pants for the rest of the day. Oh, potty training....

Alice insisted on having her picture taken as well and then refused to smile. That's Alice!

Helping Daddy

Already demonstrating their father's talent for IKEA furniture assembly.

Stevens Park

It was a beautiful fall day last weekend so we took the girls to play in a park right by the waterfront. The best part was the rock climbing.

If there ever comes a day that I don't have to tell someone to put their shoes back on.....

Memo sends costumes!

And of course the girls have to wear at least a portion of them every morning and afternoon.

I actually just realized Gigi's wings are supposed to go the other way around.

Alice is certain that this is a butterfly costume, so we're humoring her.

Ali's school celebrates the magnificent pumpkin...

Alice's class had a Pumpkin Celebration on the 19th. They let them pick out their own mini-pumpkins and paint them. Alice really wanted to paint her's pink but the color choices were brown, green, orange and yellow....she was very disappointed but made the most of what she had by covering every square inch of her pumpkin in a thick coat of orange tempera paint, including stem. It's flaking all over the house now.

Gigi's like the class mascot. She thinks she's part of the class and the older kids really like playing with the 'baby'. The teachers were kind enough to let her participate.

Here's Alice's friend Clare (or Clarey as Alice calls her).

One of Alice's other buddies, Sloane.

Note, how I hid myself behind the children.

Alice and Gigi both had a great time. They painted their pumpkins and then everyone (including Gigi) had juice, pretzels and a powdered-sugar donut (which has caused quite a stir with a few of the parents, who would prefer healthier snack options at class parties - because that's fun).

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hoboken Art and Music Festival

Here are some pics of the girls doing one of their favorite things.

Playing....and our very first sleepover!

I just love this picture of Gigi.

Alice's first tap shoes.

Look, Alice can put her feet on the bar! We're thinking shorts might be a good idea under the dresses pretty soon.

Here's our first sleepover. Claire and Renee spent the night. The girls played dress-up for a while. They had snacks and watched The Little Mermaid. Then everyone went to bed at 9:30pm - a very late hour for these ladies. It was a great time!

Alice's first day of school

Not so happy....

but Gigi's ready!

Alice refused to look at the camera. Still not happy....

but things got a lot better. She seems to really like school now. She's learning about shapes, seasons, the days of the week and feelings. Her favorite day....Happy Friday!

A few of our Hoboken buddies


Moving Day....again

Savannah and Myrtle Beach

More from the trip....
Here's Gigi in Savannah. We would like to have spent more time in Savannah but there was a lot more driving to do. Still - we got to eat at a famous old cafe and ride in the back of a horse-drawn carriage.

The car....where we spent most of our time.

The girls liked the beach so much we went back in the morning before we got in the car.



Here are some from our trip up to NJ. These are in Natchez, Mississippi. It was hot but it's a really interesting place to visit.

Moving Pics

Sorry it's been so long everybody - there's a lot of catching up to do....

Here's Ali and Gigi having a snack in the faux fireplace of our empty house in Houston.