Alice and Georgia's Adventures In Toddlerhood

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Art Festival

They have an arts festival twice a year here and since it's about as much 'culture' as you can get in Houston, we go in both Spring and Fall.


The Zoo

We had a busy week last week, including a date with Travis at the Houston Zoo. We didn't actually see many animals, just goats. But, the girls had a great time with "Trabis". I think Georgie's got a little crush.

The Aquarium

This is Alice and Georgia at the Aquarium last week. In the bottom picture the little girl in the front is Ava - of Aba Moo-Cow fame. I wish I had better pictures but it's not easy getting 4 (or even 2 toddlers) together to get a picture.

More la-la's for your viewing pleasure....

That's it....just another la-la....

Friday, March 02, 2007

Sleep time

Alice has not been sleeping very well lately and today it finally caught up with her, mid-cookie...