Alice and Georgia's Adventures In Toddlerhood

Friday, September 08, 2006

Alice Begins Her Education

Today Alice began her formal education. Years from now she will look back from her chair in the oval office and think,"It all began here."
Here's how the progression to 'our' first day of school went:
Wednesday - I decided it might be a good idea for Alice to have a napmat since she will be taking a nap at Mother's Day Out. So, I started to make one out of her favorite fleece blanket. (Not nearly as complicated as it sounds). By the end of naptime it's about half way done.
Thursday - Alice decides not to take a nap today so I sit sewing in the guestroom while Alice sings from the door of her bedroom. Finally on the 150th chorus of 'Uh-oh memo' I'd had enough and I let her out. While I'm distracted with something downstairs Alice (who has removed all of her clothing during her nap and replaced it with a pajama top that is two sizes too small and worn on the bottom portion of her body) goes into the project/guest room and pees on the fleece napmat.
Friday - We get up, get ready and get out the door with a few minutes to spare to take pictures and braid hair. The morning went pretty smoothly aside from a few mild tantrums and glitches. As soon as we got into the room Alice wanted nothing to do with us. So, we kissed, took a few more pictures and said,"buh, bye."
Then it was Georgie and Mommy time. So, we went to Target and miraculously finished our trip with no fits. Then we went for a swing in the park and again noone threw any tantrums. Then we came home and Georgie had a snack and some milk and went down for a nap. So, my conclusion is - Alice = chaos - No Alice = very quiet. I'll take the chaos (sometimes).

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mama said they was my magic shoes

Since she's finally taken a more active interest in walking, Gigi has gotten her first pair of real shoes. Up 'til now she's been mostly barefoot or in Robeez. Alice enjoyed helping her pick them out and it was decided to go with pink - no surprise. Alice had her eye on a lovely pair of black patent leather mary janes with a leopard inlay but was distracted by the promise of frozen yogurt.
Gigi is still trying to get the feel for having rubber soles on the bottom of her feet but she likes the way they look....and taste.